How to Use Twitter for Professional Development

I’ve used Twitter for company use as an online marketer. I’ve used Twitter for fun. Recently, I’ve started to use it as a job search tool. What it has been most useful for, however, is to gather information for professional development purposes. Although the word ‘Twitter’ reminds me of an open-windowed morning when one wakes to the cacophony of sweet and hideous bird songs, lately, Twitter feels more like one of those large, sweeping fish nets that tosses out the small debris and highlights the treasures below the surface of the deep, dark sea.

Twitter is light-weight and easy to use, yet maintains the capacity to supply hundreds of articles, informative “nuggets,” and outbound links to other resources.

Ideas for How to Use Twitter for Professional Development: Growth Matters

  • Search for keywords related to your field.  By searching for keywords in your field, you’re likely to find other professionals that are just as passionate about their knowledge bank as you are. Follow those who seem interesting to you and keep a regular tweeting schedule. I’m an advocate for integrative disciplines and professions—something, I think, the world will naturally move towards as the age of information progresses. If you’re a researcher, yes, you may talk to others in the lab, but what about clinicians, patients, the public? You might type in keywords that have less to do with your profession, but have something to do with one of the subjects or topics you encounter. For example, if you’re Director of Communications at a Museum, it might also be wise to follow artists, other museums, as well as the latest communication strategies.
  • Share your knowledge. Have a conversation with your market and manage connections with other professionals. Keep your own tweet schedule. Point out resources that may help others. Retweet those messages that you deem worth it.
  • Monitor your company / brand on Twitter. Everyone has their own personal brand. Just as writing is your personality on the page, Tweets are your personality in Twittersphere. Put your voice out there, but I suggest you use 75% professional tweets and 25% personal tweets.
  • Live updates on events or conferences.  If you participate in a conference, you can use Twitter to announce your “presence.” You may even be able to meet up with other professionals at the conference.

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