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Hi Folks! Happy 2012!

I’ve been doing some research on all of those hundreds of Twitter tools and found some that I think are quite handy. Below you will see a list of tools along with some notes about each. I’d love to hear your own opinions about these tools!


  1. Offers scheduling, conversation history, email notifications containing latest mentions, team collaboration tools, and easy access to Twitter follower profiles.
  2. Hootsuite: Overall measurement. Use multiple accounts for both Facebook and Twitter. Time tweets.
  3. link shortener
  4. Monitor tweets, perform competitive analysis, discover new leads and optimize marketing campaigns.Facebook fan pages – discover new fan pages that mention your brand, topic, product. Real-time web system allows you to discover blogs and websites that are actively shaping conversations about your campaign. Influence analytics allows you to discover which users truly shape the conversations for your campaign. Sentiment analysis cluster identifies the mood of each and every mention.
    • Schedules tweets


  1. Receive email notifications, an RSS feed, and a web-based summary for unfollowers. Once set up, you will receive emails that state “these twitterers aren’t following you any longer,” followed by a clickable list of usernames and a link to your online follow/unfollow history.
  2. Cannot help identify leavers, but it does offer stats and data on followers in order for you to see the bigger picture. When you sign into the service, it will show you a line graph of how your follower numbers look for a weekly, monthly, or three-month period. You can also plot the same info against how many tweets you’ve sent, see data on whether your current followers are up or down compared to your average, and even compare your Twitter account with up to two others.
  3. : Helps to pin down where you are going wrong in terms of tweets that are turning off followers. Enter your Twitter username into the site and it will bring up your last 200 tweets and note next to them at which point you gained followers, lost followers, or stayed static.
  4. Receive a weekly email showing all of your Twitter unfollowers. Helps to identify spammers
  5. Tells you who is following you that you are not following; who you are following and who is not following back. Premium account allows you to see information in a better format.

Following Inactive Accounts

  1. Removes followers who have been inactive for a given period of time. It helps create a whitelist of users exempt from any rule-based actions. Allows you to review a list of accounts that meet your user-specified criteria before any blocking or unfollowing occurs.


  1. A real-time search tools that enables you to  monitor a set of keywords on Twitter. It also allows you to narrow the search to a particular geographic location, allowing you to find out what’s going on in a particular part of the world.
  2. Provides graphs on hashtag use. You can click on the graph to see the individual tweets.

Twitter Trends

  1. The site gives you an idea of current trends and presents them in a graphic format, showing you the percentage that the trends account for at any given time.

Timing Tweets

  1. Consolidates and collates Twitter activity data.Supplies basic statistics about an account such as: tweets per month, tweets per selected day, tweet density, aggregate hourly and daily tweets, interface statistics.You can also monitor other Twitter accounts as well.
  2. Free tool that takes an hour or two. It analyzes your Twitter account and then lets you know via DM the best times to tweet. It also gives you two graphs: one that is an hourly graph describing your online followers. The other is a graph that shows you when most of your followers are online.
    • Brand monitoring features
    • Unlimited searches
    • Keyword monitoring and tracking
    • Archived tweets
    • Saved searches
    • Bookmarking tool
    • Priority flagged tweets with notes
    • Keyword analytics
    • Follower analysis
    • Email brand alerts
    • Measure sentiment
    • Company evangelists – top people helping you.
    • Cost ranges from $39 (small business) to $199 (enterprise) per month.
  4. Takes data from your last 100 tweets and determines the most responsive times/days of the week for your Twitter activity. It does this by calculating the most retweets per tweet and presenting the results in two graphs.

Listening/Reading About your Following

  1. An online newspaper that publishes your twitter, facebook, google+, web content into an online newspaper. You can read following’s newspaper too.


How are you doing?


Filtering Twitter Stream

    • Filters out Tweets that the system doesn’t think you need. You can also manually rank accounts that you want to prioritize.

Who’s Talking about you

    • Receive updates on on who mentioned you, your company, products, etc. You can also track who’s tweeting your website or blog, even if it’s a shortened URL like
    • Premium account is $20/month – 200 alerts, 15 min. alert option and no advertisements.

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