How To Create a LinkedIn Group for Your Company

This will be redundant for the more social media savvy subscribers, but for those of you who are on LinkedIn as a professional but not as a leader of a Group, this is something to consider!

Understanding LinkedIn and Groups

LinkedIn has 50 million users and is one of the most popular social networking sites for business professionals. One of the strongest features of LinkedIn is the ability to create a group. Groups offer networking opportunities, resources, and information for participants/members. By creating a group, you can establish a community of individuals who share the same interests/goals as you do. In addition, the group is a wonderful tool for business intelligence and business development.  It can be used to create awareness of your brand and demonstrate your company’s expertise.

How to Set Up Group

  1. Log into LinkedIn. At the top of the site, you will see “Groups.” Scroll down and click “Create a Group.”
  2. LinkedIn will ask you fill out a form to create your Group.
  • Logo: Upload an image that stands for your brand/company. Logo!
  • Group Name: Your group name – Be creative and straightforward.
  • Group Type: The drop-down will give you options— Alumni Group, Corporate Group, Conference Group, Networking Group, Non-Profit Group, Professional Group, Other. Choose the one that is most appropriate for your Group’s goal/mission statement.
  • Summary: This is a brief description of your group’s purpose. This description appears in the Groups Directory.
  • Description: This is a more comprehensive description of your group’s purpose.

**Keep Group summary and description brief. One paragraph should clarify possible topics of discussion.

  • Website: Add a website link that directs traffic to your website.
  • Group Owner Email:  This will be your designated Group manager’s email address.
  • Access: I suggest you use “Request to Join.”
  • Language: English or any other language you might use.
  • Location: If the group is specific to a single geographical location, you can choose this. However, you will most likely want to keep it open to all geographical locations.
  • Twitter Announcement: Click this so that when you announce something, it will be sent via Twitter as well
  • Click  “Create Open Group.

4. Post Group Rules: Post clear group rules. Discussions should be reserved for sharing resources, discussing issues and ideas, and seeking advice. Post group rules under “Manage>Group Rules.” Once they are posted, they are then featured in the upper right of your group’s homepage.

It’s pretty easy! I will be posting in upcoming days how this can help your company, best practices, and ideas for effective strategies!

Does anyone have a group they would like to share? 

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