About Me

Communicating ideas, thoughts, and strategies through language has always been fascinating to me, which is why I have been drawn to social media, marketing, and writing.

My introduction to the world communication came through the simple desire to be able to communicate through language. Part of that goal, of course, is finding the most effective vehicle for language. Our ever-increasing access to digital resources tremendously expands our means to communicate, and to that extent, writing itself is now a media-rich, fully interactive process; a fact, I think, that will energize our powers of direct education.

My pursuit of writing is also responsible for my introduction to the world of social media and digital marketing. Following graduate school, I discovered the art of presenting content online to a variety of audiences. As a member of the communications team at University of Michigan Museum of Art , I helped to envision their new website for their state of the Museum’s reopening.

I’ve had wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as a marketing professional through working with local start-up companies and through engaging online social media and marketing communities. I have become a dynamic, detail-oriented social media and marketing professional with editorial, research, communications, PR and business development experience.

Currently, I work at MIT Sloan Office of Communications as a Social Media Strategist and Manager.  My professional goals include leveraging my creativity and passion for communication and marketing to create exciting content and build real relationships and strong connections between companies, brands, and their audiences.

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