Blog Marketing

The Challenge

Because Saagara is a start-up company, the blog received traffic, but it did not ask readers to return or to visit often. The company needed a plan to gain followers: the blog needed to offer moreto diversify its topics and become dynamic.

The Solution

In honor of Stress Awareness Month, I decided it was the perfect time to help people with their daily stresses. Because stress can often be alleviated or inspired by the food we eat, I posted one stress-relieving recipe per day collected from various sources that inspired the marketing team. We titled this plan The Spicy Muse Project. The handpicked recipes were carefully chosen for their nutrient value. Each posted recipe targeted a specific outcome: recipes for endurance, for energy, for calmness.  We advertised this project in our press release, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter in order to reach our followers and potential readers.

The Results

  • Increased blog traffic by 84%
  • Increased followers on Facebook, Twitter, and on the blog
  • Gained relationships through email correspondence

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