Direct Marketing Proposal: Engaging the Community

This is a proposal created by all marketing team members at Saagara

Design work done by Sarbs Jabra

About Saagara:

  • An Ann Arbor based Digital Health Company
  • Dedicated to helping people maximize their overall health and well-being so that they may lead healthier, more fulfilling lives
  • We have positive press coverage across the internet
  • Use our highly effectual breathing software—the most popular breathing software in the world, available on the most devices, and in 9 different languages
  • The success of this software and our other life-improving applications sustain Saagara and help us continue our mission of simple and effective preventative health solutions

Project Overview

We are introducing Rocket Ship to support healthy community engagement. Our goal is to show people how their town can empower them to be healthier individuals. Rocket Ship is a photo-powered city-based adventure.

—Contestants will act locally on a global scale by searching their town for hidden jewels, snapping photos, and sharing them with the world. They will be  given a list of items to search for ranging from their bicycle repair shop to the best place to buy local produce. —By seeking out these locations users will gain a better understanding of their community while simultaneously exposing these places to a larger audience.

—Our target audience is: energetic, health-conscious people who embrace playful marketing and direct interaction with their brands.

Key benefits of Rocket Ship:

  • —fortify our international appeal
  • amass a large volume of user-generated content
  • facilitate positive player experiences with a highly interactive game. Put simply, it is a ton of fun that people will appreciate
  • With our user base, we project 10,000 participants from around the globe

Project Status

Currently, we are seeking sponsors to help ignite Rocket Ship. Upon securing support, we will build the micro-site and message members to kick-start registration

Benefits to the sponsor

  • —Direct exposure to our target audience
  • International publicity through the game’s global pull
  • Expansion of your presence. Gain a foothold or expand your presence in the health market
  • Develop a stronger “active living” identity

Operation of sponsorship

To advertise Rocket Ship, we will:  

  • Send in-app messages to our 250,000 person user base
  • Create a unique micro-site and press packages
  • Reach out to cities and stores across the globe to advertise the game

As a sponsor, we will recognize your company with full branding on all advertising including:

  • —Logo placement on creative material
  • Sponsor links
  • Recognition in blog posts and press material

Purpose of Sponsorship

We will primarily use sponsorship funding to motivate participation and reward the most creative contestants; a full budget can be found in the “Prizes” section below.


Grand Prize (1): Nikon D90 $900 + $200 estimated shipping

Second Place (4): $200 Lululemon gift certificate $800 total

Regional winners (5): 1 year subscription to Yoga Journal ($16 US – $40 international) $80- $200 total

Prize total: $1,980- $2,100

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