Press Advertisement: Newspaper Ads

The Challenge

Saagara’s most popular app is Pranayama, a deep breathing app that helps to control stress, hypertension, and migraines while increasing energy and focus. Through our various marketing techniques and strategies, we were reaching people in the yoga community as well as those suffering from hypertension and migraines. However, we wanted to target students– a demographic that is difficult to reach unless physically present in their college bubble.

The Solution

While print advertising is rapidly (if not already) moving to digital, online advertising, it is true that college students read their school newspaper. As a part-time college professor, I see crossword puzzles on desks all the time. I researched college newspapers based on the most common student profile at each university. We wanted students who studied hard and could use relaxation. Of course, it didn’t hurt if the students were also interested in yoga and meditation. In addition to deciding which college newspapers would best suit our target audience, I wrote the text for the ad. Below you can see the finalized college newspapers I gathered to consider readership, distribution, and print circulation.

The Results

  • Increased knowledge of our product
  • Likely increased clicks on our QR code (it is somewhat difficult to pin down the success of the implementation of direct QR clicks)

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