Saagara Newsletter

Happy Stress Awareness Month!

Wanted: All of Your Stress and Its Buddies

Prize: No Stress! Energy! Happiness!

Happy Stress Awareness Month! Yes, it’s April. Hopefully you survived any joke that came your way on Fool’s Day. And even if you were fooled, now is the chance to redeem yourself, Not-Fool. This month is about you. Observe Stress Awareness Month! Actually, don’t just observe it; I want you to find it. That is your mission. If we don’t take time to gain awareness of our stresses, studies show that it will affect our health such as increase the likelihood of poor eating decisions, bad moods, or even more serious conditions such as heart disease, depression, hypertension, sexual dysfunction (and it’s spring time…birds and the bees!), ulcers, etc.

As part of Saagara’s Spicy Muse Project, we want to celebrate Stress Awareness Month through helping you conquer your stress. This month we will be posting one stress-relieving recipe per day that we have collected from various inspiring sources.These include recipes for an energizing morning, a refreshing afternoon, or a calming evening; recipes that use targeted nutrients to enhance your mood; recipes for post-workout meals; recipes for endurance; and recipes that cultivate exotic cuisines. We hope you will visit our blog and use some of these recipes. Share the prize, too. Encourage others to be aware of their stresses and take action. If you can think of someone who might benefit from our stress relieving mission, please recommend five people to subscribe to our newsletter, so they may join us on the path to wellness!

Remember: Breathe!

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