Saagara Press Release

Deep Breathing Now on Your Mac:

Saagara LLC Releases New, Revamped Version of the Pranayama App!

Ann Arbor, MI. — March 17, 2011 —Now available on your Mac, you can do Pranayama during the day! Benefit from our new, simplified user interface while still training your breathing. We’ve taken slow, deep breathing to a new level. With improved graphics, added musical styles, and a simplified menu structure, you won’t be disappointed.

The Benefits:

  • New improved music with dynamic soundscape: choose from 5 different styles to guide your breathing
  • A structured course that gradually reduces your breathing rate as you progress through the course
  • Each music style has its own individualized soundscape to transport you to a more relaxing place as you practice

We have three levels of relaxation intensity and increased our soundscape library to allow for a personalized deep relaxation practice. Our structured course will slow down your breathing and lead you to complete relief and peacefulness. Our simplified user interface and improved graphics ensure a wonderful experience as you learn how to train your breath.

The App can be used to:

  • Reduce stress, aid sleep, and improve health
  • Aid to help improve practice of Pranayama for yoga enthusiasts
  • Time your meditation
  • Provide an ambient sound generator. The background music styles contained within the app can be use by themselves

For more information:

(Alessandra Nölting), (phone number reserved for privacy on this blog)

For more information on Pranayama:

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