Easy Social Media Strategy Starter

When people tell me they don’t know where to start to build a social media plan, including a larger strategy, I tell them to first create an editorial collage. While this might not seem like the most logical first step (after all, I’m neglecting goals, priorities, platform decisions, etc.), I find it to be the most effective way to build a comprehensive strategy; while people might name “my social media goal is X,” they often don’t know if that goal is social, so it’s best to map out the kinds of content you have to put out on social media and see if that content screams out “This is your goal!” Benefits include: accountability, identifying trends, % of resources, creativity enthusiasm, and forecasting.

First, identify the kinds of content you might post:

1.  Does your content fall into categories (events, discussions, deadlines, questions, etc.)?

2.  Does certain content feel more “real time” than others? (i.e time sensitive)

3.  How many participants will you have posting and responding to social media?

Next, I suggest creating your goals that may resonate after mapping out the kinds of content you have. Continue reading