Twitter Tools

Hi Folks! Happy 2012!

I’ve been doing some research on all of those hundreds of Twitter tools and found some that I think are quite handy. Below you will see a list of tools along with some notes about each. I’d love to hear your own opinions about these tools!


  1. Offers scheduling, conversation history, email notifications containing latest mentions, team collaboration tools, and easy access to Twitter follower profiles.
  2. Hootsuite: Overall measurement. Use multiple accounts for both Facebook and Twitter. Time tweets.
  3. link shortener
  4. Monitor tweets, perform competitive analysis, discover new leads and optimize marketing campaigns.Facebook fan pages – discover new fan pages that mention your brand, topic, product. Real-time web system allows you to discover blogs and websites that are actively shaping conversations about your campaign. Influence analytics allows you to discover which users truly shape the conversations for your campaign. Sentiment analysis cluster identifies the mood of each and every mention.
    • Schedules tweets

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