Website Redesign

The Challenge

Because the University of Michigan Museum of Art was reopening, we needed to redesign and rewrite the website. One of the challenges for this reopening was to cater to all audiences: Ann Arbor families and University of Michigan students. It was my responsibility to tackle the student-portion of the site. The main question was how do we make the site useful for students who want to study among the art, those who want to visit the museum for fun, those that may be art or history of art majors, and those faculty members that would like to bring their class to the museum for learning purposes?

The Solution

I found all popular university museum websites located in the United States and researched their design and implementation. After combining several looks and feels, I sketched out a general vision I had for the student portion of UMMA’s site. I decided that the site should have three main components: colors, actions, and inspiration.

The Results

  • There are five verbs: see, meet, hear, shop, get involved.
  • Each verb asks the students to act.
  • Below the verbs are various quotations with inspiring and artful messages.
  • Students commented that the site was fully accessible and fun!
  • The site serves as a disguised map to the rest of the general audience’s site, but offers more of a young and hip twist.

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