Writing Projects

 The indispensable characteristic of a good writer is a style marked by lucidity.                                                                                                              ~Ernest Hemingway

Each writing project must possess its own style and thought; what is on the page must be cohesive and clear. As a writer and teacher of writing, I believe that in order to gain style, thought, and clarity,  it’s important to cultivate a psychological sense. That is, to sensitize oneself to what will win the reader over–  to anticipate the reader’s response. Prose is architecture. If the writer knows what she is building, what the building will be used for, what it will look like –how tall, how wide, what materials to use– and who will enter, exit, and return, the writer will possess power.

In recent years, I’ve done a range of writing: press releases, web content, newsletters, articles, app store descriptions, online advertisements, and newspaper advertisements. You may browse my showcase as it’s organized by company/institution.

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